Why I started Blogging

For many years I’ve had a huge social reputation and although I enjoy using Facebook and Instagram and youtube, it is sometimes difficult to share your activities on such restricted spaces. I really like posting and I love making photos. First and foremost, I adore gorgeous places and beautiful food. I’m not an established author, I’m not very well written and English is not my first language so I tend to make errors, but I enjoy what I do and I take pleasure in executing it. For a long time , as a younger teen I have already been told I can’t do things I want, that I’m not adequate enough, that living isn’t a fairy tail , that I am a dreamer and need to get down to earth. I refused , and yes it was one of the better choices in my entire life. I have been previously accumulating my supporters for several years. My Facebook didn’t surface instantly. The folks you see following me are authentic individuals who are enthusiastic about what I do. I adore them and value them and I am extremely thankful for these people encouraging me and following me in what I do. My objective happens to be and constantly is to motivate others to follow along with their ambitions, and once they can’t, I would like to end up being the one that assists them to make it happen. I made a decision to begin blogging and site-building as it strikes me as being a profession I’d enjoy having. I enjoy venturing, diverse ethnicities, resorts, beachfronts, food along with the fantastic people who make them. I would really like my blog site to be totally different from various other blogs, I’d like it to be much more private and sincere. As you can tell my blog site is fairly new, there are hardly any things on it yet, despite the fact that I’ve added in written content from the past in order to provide it with some personality.

Given that my supporters are mainly individuals excited about Style and Traveling , I would like to discover both options at the same time. I’d like to meet up with other blog writers and acquire a greater understanding with regards to the planet by means of others. Running a blog always has been enjoyable for me personally. I began when I was 15 and I was blogging and site-building in France and to this very day I’ve constantly viewed myself more as of author then a performer. I think it is essential to share activities with other people, which is the simplest way to do it. I really hope in future I get to visit a number of awesome, unexplored and incredible places , and I hope I get to present them in a brightness they are worthy of. I like integrity , being unbiased, constructive critique and mastering new stuff and am normally open to anything at all life gives me.

I really like to say I’m a Luxurious travel and Way of life blogger, because there is a huge part of Extravagance in exploring itself. For some people it will come effortlessly and simple yet for some people it doesn’t. Occasionally the reasons are, their not the same economies and countries, it sometimes is often as easy as for monetary reasons. I believe it is people that make a place. I’ve witnessed the goodness of amazing Balinese folks and to me that was the most magnificent encounter I’ve had. I have been taken care of like a king, and as much I would like to publish that the vacation resort was wonderful, what is important which makes a place incredible is the individuals who encircle you. Often we forget that extravagance is in the detail ,and that the small things are what make big things function.

Why I began blogging? Why not ? I enjoy it. I live it. I flourish in it. I love it and I require it. Is there a better explanation?